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Sean Hedderman

Sean Hedderman
Chief Technical Officer & Head of Aircraft Asset Management 

Sean joined Aergo in 2005 and leads the Technical and Asset Management Department. Sean manages these teams and is instrumental to new aircraft acquisitions, trading support, lease contract negotiations and the underwriting process for all lease transactions.

His team continually monitor the status and condition of all assets and liaise directly with Lessee’s and service providers with oversight of all maintenance work performed on the portfolio assets and he also manages the administration and evaluation of all Lessee claims and authorisations in relation to lease term major events.

Sean is responsible for the oversight of all technical planning, fleet inspections, record management, Industry development learning and OEM relationships.

During his time at Aergo he has successfully managed over 150 aircraft transitions and over 50 repossessions, and has helped Aergo to successfully transition through the technological and economic cycles.

Prior to joining Aergo, over the preceding two decades, Sean held various Aircraft Engineering, Planning, Management and Technical Service roles in Shannon Aerospace (Lufthansa) and SRS Aviation (Aer Lingus), during his time in Shannon Aerospace he was sub-contracted to numerous Leasing Companies.