Aergo Capital Delivers 7th and final DHC Dash 8-400 to Conair Aerial Firefighting


Aergo Capital (Aergo) Asset Management has successfully completed the sale and delivery of the 7th and final DHC Dash 8-400, owned by Kirk Aviation, to Conair Aerial Firefighting. The aircraft bearing Manufacturer Serial Number 4256 was delivered on the 21st July. Aergo are thrilled to have played a role in ensuring the aircraft’s efficient delivery and safe return to service.


Fred Browne, Chief Executive Officer of Aergo commented: “We extend our gratitude to Conair Aerial Firefighting and Kirk Aviation for trusting Aergo to deliver the aircraft and look forward to our continued relationship. Wishing every success to Conair Aerial Firefighting from the Aergo team.”


Matt Bradley, President & CEO of Conair Arial Firefighting commented: ““The purchase of the Dash 8-400 aircraft was a complex process that was successfully executed by skilled teams from each organization. We are appreciative of everyone’s dedication and effort in transferring ownership of these aircraft so that they may be converted to perform emergency response services, fighting wildfires around the world.”


About Aergo Capital Ltd.

Aergo Capital (Aergo) is an aircraft leasing and asset management company founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1999. Over the last 24 years, Aergo has established itself as a leading global platform with over $5.86bn worth of aircraft owned or managed, operating around the world. Aergo is one of the top 4 asset managers globally with over 300 years of collective experience in Aergo’s senior management team.


About Conair Group Inc.

Headquartered in Canada, Conair is a world leader in aerial firefighting aircraft operations, maintenance, and manufacturing.  With over 70 aircraft, Conair maintains and operates the largest, privately-owned, fixed wing fleet of firefighting aircraft in the world. The organization supports wildfire agencies around the world with a diverse fleet of amphibious and land-based airtankers, in addition to lead plane Bird Dogs. Land-based airtankers drop retardant around the perimeter of a fire to slow flames while amphibious airtankers drop water directly on fire to cool its intensity, all to buy firefighters on the ground time to contain and extinguish. Conair has been manufacturing aircraft into airtankers for over 50 years, converting over 15 aircraft types into aerial firefighters, modifying over 180 individual aircraft. Today, Conair is manufacturing the Dash 8-400 airtanker, a modern aerial firefighter offering fast, effective and efficient firefighting capability with a 10,000 litre / 2,640 US gallon tank. Conair provides aircraft for purchase or hire, offering specialized services including aeronautical engineering design, flight operations and aircraft maintenance related to aerial firefighting missions. Learn out more at